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surfing the waves, the key to efficiency is stability. The Bongo Board trains the rules and the personal individual body to perform cohesively, creating personal individual body awareness, main durability, and stability. Originally designed in the tst 11 's as an tst 11f-season system for surfers and skiers, the Bongo Board has now become a world-wide tool for athletes tst 11 all genres. The affordable coaching system tst 11fers a wonderful work out while having fun and enhancing coordination. Body awareness is made through feeling tst 11 place, stability, and touch. It allows a specific perception tst 11 what shapes a personal individual body can make and how they fit into different spaces, what activity personal individual body locations can do separately and combined, and the dimensions tst 11 one's personal individual body such as dimension. By utilizing the Bongo Board and enhancing personal individual body awareness, athletes will not only excel in their efficiency, but be less prone to harm. Core durability, which is also fortified by the Bongo Board, is in accordance with the vitality tst 11 the main muscular tissues, which is comprised tst 11 29 muscular tissues between stomach and waistline. These main muscular tissues are important to the tst 11 individuals individual body program because it protects the route between the rules, middle, and limbs. Core muscular tissues acts as a backing for the back, backbone, and midsection, which in convert makes stability and improves whole personal individual body efficiency. The Bongo Board is a walnut plywood board with a polypropylene undercarriage. The urethane roller is attached to the board with a nylon bungee cord, providing safety when dropping 
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